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“Painting outside requires careful observation and editing because of the enormous amount of visual information. Keeping the notions of translation and transformation in mind when looking at the landscape guides me in mark-making decisions that develop my vision of a finished piece.”

Luther Studio Art and Architecture
5711 W 500 S
PO Box 1574

Driggs, ID 83422



Luther Studio was started in 1986 by Blake Luther and encompasses his architectural practice and more recently his work as a fine art painter.  Blake received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Utah and has executed projects in Utah, Colorado and Idaho.  He recently relocated from Salt Lake City, Utah to Driggs, Idaho where he continues to practice architecture on a limited basis.


Blake always had a desire to pursue painting but the demands of his architectural practice prevented it until around 2002 when he was fortunate to begin painting and figure drawing under several well-known Utah artists, including Paul Davis, David Dornan and John Erikson, all of whom are retired professors at the University of Utah, Department of Art and Art History. He has also attended intensive workshops taught by Stuart Shils in Philadelphia and Eric Aho in Vermont.  While plein air painting has been the focus of Blake’s work, he is spending more time in the studio on larger pieces and a variety of subject matters.


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